Headoffice Branch


Address: No.14 Guangfeng Road,Qingdao,China.

Tel:  +86-532-88683900

Fax:  +86-532-85888269

Email: qdsolar@hotmail.com


Address: Yijiao RailRoad,Gaomi,China.

Email:      qdsolar@hotmail.com 



Sales Service Service

1. How long have you produced sander?

    Nearly twenty years.

2. where your factory located?


2. What is the  product guarantee time?

    One year.

3. Can the factory send technician to install at the destination place?

    Yes, but the user need to pay the travell fees.

4. How to deal with the problem exceeding the guarantee time?

    We will tell you how to deal with by email. If big problems, we also can send our technician to your place.

5. what is the delivery time?

   Depending the quantities. Usually 7 to 15 days.

6. where have your products saled?

   South Asia, Middle east,Europe, South America.

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